the missions

NEW from 20.5.20!!! Online escape game EXIT-LOCKDOWN

Seven young guys escape from der Home and spend together a party weekend in a holiday home. A weekend, that doesn´t end good. Seven Students left, but just six students com back home after. What happened? Was it a accident? A tragical disaster?

Or a cold blooded murder....

Help us to clarify and solve the case of the mystirious death of Nicolas Maison !

The perfect group fun. Use Skype, Hangouts, Whatsapp etc. and solve the case together.


Playable in english!!!!!


One access for up to 6 players for EUR 20,00

90-120 min.

Level 4/5

immersive story and actuality

perfect match for: escape game fans (also Remote!),


and families with children up from 14

Book direct and play direct or later, Access is valid for 3 years


Stay @home, play together 



For all missions does apply, minor persons have to play in company of an adult.


Restore the Superhero's power

and save the world!

Level of difficulty 1-2

Suitable for first time users, families,

kids over 10 accompanied by minimum

one adult (over 18)and for Superhero's

and comics fans.



Our new Mission in 2018

Level of difficulty 2-3

Suitable for Sherlock Holms and detective stories fans, who like to solve tricky riddles and logic clues,  recommended for age of 16 years and above.

Sherlock Holmes


Escape prison, Stop the bomb and get out of the dungeon

Level of difficulty 3

For brave and adventure fans who are nor afraid from the dark or a real challenge...
Recommended for age 16 years and above.

Spy Story