Sherlock holmes 2.0

Lord Byron was murdered and inherit his capital to his nephew Jack and his nice Beth.


In the first mission you avoided succesfully, that these two were betrayed and that the killer stole everything from them.


Five years later Jack and Beth find accidentally a letter in which Lord Byron wrote about a diamond, which he necessarily 

wanted to give as a gift to his hidden great love Lady Blossom. The diamond is hidden somewhere in the house.


Lady Blossom is on one of the ships in the harbor, that will leave in an hour to the "New World". She will never come



Jack and Beth want to fullfill the big wish of their uncle and ask the Sherlock´s again for their help by searching for the 

diamond in the house, meanwhile they try to find out on which ship Lady Blossom is staying.


Can you also solve this romantic mission?


Sherlock Holmes
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