Sherlock holmes

Lord Byron died on a hunting trip. He was a very rich man living in London. His strange death circumstances are under the police investigation. Lord Byron’s greedy cousin Walter who accompanied him on his hunting trip was found injured on his way back home, he claimed that they were attacked by a huge black hairy beast and that he barely managed to escape. Walter claimed that he has no idea where Lord Byron body is.


Walter testified that Lord Byron had granted him, all his property and wealth during this hunting trip, and also presented a paper claimed to be written by Lord Byron...


Jack, the beloved nephew of Lord Byron-was in deep sadness hearing of the bizarre incident.


Listening to the testimony of Walter, Jack knew that it was a lie, he knew his uncle and knew of a secret will hidden in his uncle living room.


In one hour, Walter the greedy cousin is about to arrive and sweep the room in order to destroy the will.


With no cooperation from the Scotland Yard, Jack came to you for help.


Jack: “we don’t have much time, please help me, I have no one else I know, with your detective’s skill. My uncle loved riddles and so this will not be easy. Please Sherlock, I cannot let Walter win, after killing my uncle…”

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